Emergency Care

About this service:

NHCNE MTF does not provide Emergency Care. TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical, maternity, or psychiatric emergency that would lead a "prudent layperson" (someone with average knowledge of health and medicine) to believe that a serious medical condition existed, or the absence of medical attention would result in a threat to his/her life, limb, or sight and requires immediate medical treatment, or which has painful symptoms requiring immediate attention to relieve suffering.

All TRICARE beneficiaries, in the event of a life-, limb-, or eyesight-threatening emergency, should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department for care.

Emergency Care does not require an authorization.

If enrolled to prime within a NHCNE MTF call the NHCNE Call Center (1-888 NAVY MED) (628-9633) 24/7 within 24 hours to notify your PCM of a visit to a local ER. If you are out of area contact Health Net Federal Services within 24 hours at 1-877-TRICARE to notify your PCM of an emergency admission or ER visit to coordinate continued care and ensure proper claims processing.

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