Otolaryngology Clinic
About this clinic:

The Otolaryngology (ENT) Clinic provides specialty care and surgery of the ear, nose, sinuses, throat, head, and neck. Limited facial plastic, cosmetic and re-constructive surgery is also performed. The ENT Clinic is presently administering care to all Active Duty family members and retired personnel and their families. Patients are referred via consults from other physicians; civilian or military. Ear wax removal is another service provided by this Clinic. A consult is not necessary for adult ear wax removal.

Points of Contact
Location Phone Number Hours of Operation
Groton, CT


Clinic Phone

Tuesday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Newport, RI Appointments

Clinic Phone
(401) 841-2281
Monday - Friday
7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.

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Available At :
Groton, CT
Newport, RI