Laboratory Department


About this service:
The Laboratory provides medical and diagnostic services/testing, as ordered by physicians, to support diagnosis and treatment. Testing not available on-site is contracted through a reference laboratory.

To preserve confidentiality, and to ensure proper interpretation, lab results are available only through the requesting clinic or physician.


  • All personnel with a Military ID card are eligible for laboratory services.
  • This includes both Tricare Prime and Tricare Standard patients.
Points of Contact
Location Phone Number Hours of Operation
Groton, CT (860) 694-2427

Monday - Thursday
0700 - 1800

0730 - 1800

Weekends & Holidays

Newport, RI (401) 841-6780
DSN 841-6780

Monday - Friday
AS OF APRIL 1, 2019

Weekends & Holidays

Portsmouth, NH (207) 438-2330

Monday - Friday
0730 - 1600

Weekends & Holidays

Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-5300 or 5302 Monday-Friday
0700 to 1530

Weekends & Holidays

Special Notes :
  • Fasting Tests: If your doctor has requested a test that requires fasting (Glucose or Lipid Profile), you should not eat, smoke, or drink (except for water) for 12 hours prior to blood collection. Please drink plenty of water.
  • Pregnancy testing requires a doctor’s order, and a 1st morning urine specimen. Results are available that same day. 
  • Semen Analysis: If your doctor has requested a semen analysis, contact the Laboratory, prior to coming in, for specific instructions on collection and to schedule an appointment.
Lab requests from Outside Physicians:
  • All blood orders must be from a licensed physician.
  • All orders must be on a prescription with the name, address, phone number and fax number of the requesting physician.
  • Results from diagnostic laboratory test orders written by civilian physicians will be forwarded to the requesting physician within 72 hours of test completion by FAX or mail.
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Monday - Friday
AS OF APRIL 1, 2019
0730 - 1600
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