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Every psychiatric case should have a preliminary screen by a medical officer. The physician may refer any case to the Psychiatry Clinic for further evaluation (SF 513). Physicians may telephone the duty psychiatrists to discuss any case. Requests for "suitability," "fitness," or similar evaluations should be accompanied by complete and comprehensive documentation prepared by the requesting command, detailing the member's behavior, performance, and problem areas. An appropriate request letter must accompany requests for medico-legal statements from a JAG officer or a commanding officer. Specific issues or questions to be addressed by the psychiatric examination should be clearly presented. Indications of insanity or incompetence should be presented in detail summary format. Supporting documentation, including charge sheets, investigative summaries, witness statements, etc., should be provided. Examination by a local medical officer is not required in forensic cases and requests may be forwarded directly to the Psychiatry Clinic.

Requests for consultations of a nonemergency nature should be referred to Active Duty Sick Call.

Requests for emergency consultations or special cases may be arranged at DSN 841-4475/4129 or commercial (401) 841-4475/4129.

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