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HIPAA Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer acts as the point of contact for all patient privacy issues.

[pr: hip'-ah] HIPAA is a federal law enacted in 1996. It was designated to improve availability and portability of health coverage by: limiting exclusions for pre-existing conditions; providing credit for prior health coverage; allowing transmittal of the coverage information (i.e., covered family members and coverage period) to a new insurer; providing new rights to allow individuals to enroll for health coverage when they lose their health coverage or have a new dependent; prohibiting discrimination in enrollment/premiums guaranteeing availability of health insurance coverage for small employers. HIPAA's Administrative Simplification and Privacy (AS&P) Act final rules took effect in April 2001. The purpose of these rules is to improve the efficiency of the health care system by standardizing the electronic exchange of health information and protecting the security and privacy of member-identifiable health information.

Notice of Privacy Practices

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NHCNE HIPAA Complaint Form

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Points of Contact
Location Phone Numbers
Groton, CT (860) 694-5224 or DSN: 694-5224
Newport, RI

(401) 841-6370 or DSN: 841-6370

Portsmouth, NH (207) 438-6879 or DSN: 684-6879
Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-5300

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