Walk-In Protocol


TRICARE Prime patients can present to their assigned clinic for the following procedures as a "Walk-in" patient without having an appointment scheduled:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Immunizations
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Suture removal
  • Urinary tract infection (May not be available at all locations)
    for female patients only.

Patients will be seen by a corpsman or nurse and will be referred to a provider if deemed necessary by the clinic nurse. Lab specimens will be obtained for possible urinary tract infections and take 48-72 hours for final results. Preliminary results takes 1-2 hours for the lab to process. You will be contacted by the clinic if treatment is required based on test results.

As a Walk-In patient, you will experience more prompt service when or clinics have the greatest levels of staffing. Those times are as follows:

Monday - Friday

All other beneficiaries have space available access to routine care via the Naval Health Clinic New England Call Center (888) 628-9633.

Vital Phones
(888) 628-9633

RX Refills
(877) 211-1126

Click here for an extensive list of TRICARE 1-800 numbers.


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