Active Duty Hospitalization

What you need to know:

Potential cases for hospitalization should be screened through a Medical Officer, i.e., ship or squadron, or Active Duty Sick Call/CarePlus at the Clinic.

Recommendations will be made to the Naval Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) medical staff for final disposition. In emergencies, fleet personnel shall be transferred to the closest emergency facility.

For patients admitted on an emergency basis, all commands are requested to review the Enlisted Transfer Manual (NAVPERS 15909) which sets forth procedures governing the transfer of enlisted personnel requiring hospitalization.

Personnel, who may be admitted for extended hospital stay may be transferred to the closest NHCNE medical facility with their service, health and pay records.

NHCNE Care Locations:
NAVPERS 15909 - Chapter 17 (Hospitalization of Enlisted Personnel)
Points of Contact
Location Phone Number Hours of Operation
Groton, CT Quarterdeck
(860) 694-4123
Monday - Friday
6:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Newport, RI
(401) 841-3771/3772
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
7:30am - 4:00pm

Tuesday and Thursday
7:30am - 6:00pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all Federal holidays.
Portsmouth, NH Quarterdeck
(207) 438-4940
Monday - Friday
6:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Saratoga Springs, NY Information line
(518) 583-5300
Monday - Friday
6:45a.m. - 3:30p.m.
Vital Info.