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Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor Voting Assistance Officer

The NHCOH Voting Assistance Officer and his Team provides voting assistance to all military members, their family members and civil service employees.  

Federal Voting Assistance Program - The Federal voting Assistance Program's website is a one-stop-shop for all things voting related. The Federal Voting Assistance Program is the Department of Defense agency responsible for making sure that absentee voters can easily exercise their right to vote. If you have any questions about absentee voting, voter registration, upcoming elections or anything else related to voting, the best place to start is with your command Voting Assistance Officer or the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.





Phone: 360-257-9731



Registering to Vote Absentee:  The easiest way to register is by using the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s online wizard.  You can also download the SF-76, fill it out and mail it in using the prepaid envelope

Federal Post Card Application - SF 76:

Prepaid Envelope: