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Patients must have a referral from their Primary Care Manager to receive an appointment for care.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the needed forms.
Active duty personnel must wear official PT gear.
Civilians, please wear or bring athletic attire for your appointment.
Females with shoulder or neck pain should wear a sports bra or tank top. 
If available, bring copies of any records or imaging studies (x-rays, MRI) from outside sources.
You must have your Military ID with you. Your military medical record is not required.
Mainside Health Clinic – for Dependents and Retirees
Physical Therapy Front Desk: 703-784-1793
      Hours of operation: 0630–1130
OCS – for Active Duty
Physical Therapy: 703-784-3205
     Hour of operation: 0600–1100

Chiropractic: 703-784-2418
     Hour of operation 0700–1530
TBS – for Students and Camp Barrett staff members
Physical Therapy: 703-432-6530
Chiropractic: 703-432-6530
     Hour of operation: 0630-1500
We apologize, but Chiropractic services are available for Active Duty Personnel only.
Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Quantico
The preferred choice for operational readiness and quality family centered care.
Commanding Officer Lonnie Hosea, CAPT, Nurse Corps, USN
Executive Officer Kristie Robson, CAPT, USN
Command Master Chief Brian D Campbell HMCM
For questions and concerns contact us at
To Schedule an Appointment: Call 1-888-784-1802 or click here.
To ask your PCM a non-urgent question, send them a secure message via Relay Health.
FOR EMERGENCIES: Go To The Nearest Emergency Room or Dial 433-3333 or 911
MISSION:World Wide Readiness. World Class Care.
VISION:The Preferred Partner for Readiness, Health, and Employment.
MOTTO:Always Chosen. Always Ready.
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