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What is EDIS?

EDIS stands for Educational and Developmental Intervention Services.   EDIS is an early intervention program that provides information and support to families who have questions or concerns about their child’s development.   The goal of EDIS is to work in partnership with families to encourage their infant’s or toddler’s continued success in learning. 

Does My Child have to be a Certain Age?

Yes.  EDIS is for infants and toddlers from birth up to their 3rd birthday.  Children over the age of 3 years are provided services through the School closest to your house, or the School your child would go to if old enough.

Can Anyone Get EDIS Services?

To use EDIS services, you must live on Quantico Marine Base or on Dahlgren Navy Base.  However, EDIS is happy to assist you in finding the local early intervention program in the County in which you live and to answer any general questions about early intervention services.  We have also included at the end a list of the early intervention contact numbers for the local counties in this area.

Do I Have to Get a Referral from my Child’s Doctor?

No referral is needed for EDIS.  You simply contact EDIS directly with any question or concern you have about your infant or toddler.

What Happens When I Call EDIS?

EDIS will ask you for some basic information about your child and your contact information.   We will also ask you what specific question(s) or concern(s) you have about your child’s development or behavior.   But most importantly, we want to know what information or support you are seeking from us to be sure that we are providing helpful information.

If you are interested, EDIS can schedule an appointment to meet with you and your child to talk further about your questions or concerns.  We can complete a developmental screening by gathering information from you about what your child is doing and by playing directly with your child.  This information will help you and EDIS decide what next step to take.

Where Do I Go to Get this Screening?

EDIS generally provides services in your home.  This is because this is where your child is most comfortable and we can really see what he or she typically does.  If you are not comfortable meeting in your home, we can discuss another place to meet.  Federal law does require us to meet in a place that is considered to be a natural environment for children this age.

If your child is at the CDC or in an FCC home during the day, EDIS can also discuss arrangements to see your child in this setting if this is what you think is best.

EDIS is also able to make arrangements to meet you when you get home from work if this is your preference.

How long will the Screening Take and what will it tell me?

The screening takes generally around an hour.  Time is spent talking with you, playing with your child and discussing where you would like to go from here. 

The screening is a “snapshot” of your child’s development compared to other children this age.  It helps us both see what your child is doing well and where we may have some questions or concerns about his or her development. 

What if My Child Cannot Do Things Other Children are doing at this Age?

Depending upon the questions and concerns identified on the screening, one option might be to do an in depth evaluation of your child’s abilities.  This is completely voluntary and a decision you and your EDIS provider will discuss and agree upon.

The evaluation helps us to take an in depth look at every area of your child’s development (communication; gross and fine motor skills; social skills; self care skills, and problem solving).  The results of this testing gives us specific information about what your child does well and where his or her needs are.

Your EDIS provider will share details about the entire evaluation process so you know what to expect and can help plan and participate in your child’s evaluation.

What Happens After the Evaluation?

You and the EDIS team members who took part in your child’s evaluation will meet together to discuss the findings on the report and if the concern(s) about your child’s development is significant enough to qualify for EDIS services.

Not all children who are behind in an area of development qualify for EDIS services.   Every child develops differently and on his or her own schedule.  For instance some may walk earlier than the average; some may talk later than other child of a certain age.  The findings on the evaluation help us to specifically look at and discuss the picture of your child’s development.  From this discussion, you and EDIS will determine if your child meets the criteria for getting EDIS services.

What happens if My Child does not qualify for EDIS Services?

There are several options if your child does not qualify for EDIS services.  EDIS will make recommendations and share specific ideas with you on ways you might encourage your child’s next step.  We will also share information about the others programs and services in the community that you might be interested in.  Another option is to “track” your child’s progress with you over several months to make sure he or she is gaining the skills in the area of concern.  Your EDIS service coordinator will discuss all the options in detail with you and assist in coordinating future steps.

What happens next if My Child does qualify for EDIS Services?

Your EDIS service coordinator will discuss the next step in great detail with you.  One option is to develop a written plan with you called the Individualized Family Service Plan.  This plan list the goals or skills you would like to see your child learn over the next months,  the specific information you are looking for to support your child and family as well as the details of the services EDIS will provide your family to make your goals a reality. 

What Kind of Services will my Child get from EDIS?

The services you and your family receive are highly individual and tailored just to your family and child.  As much as possible, we encourage you and your child to work with a single EDIS provider.  This allows you and your child to really get to know your provider and develop a close working relationship.  Other providers are also available and may work as a consultant or as an additional resource to you and your child.

Though many of the services offered are called “therapy services” this does not mean that a therapist comes into your house and takes your child off into a corner to work with them.  Rather, EDIS providers work with you, with their primary role being a resource of information and a coach for you.  Our overall goal is to assist you in helping your child become successful within your daily family routines and to share ideas with you on how to make this happen.  We truly become part of your team!

What if I Change My Mind and Do Not Want to Continue with EDIS?

EDIS is a completely voluntary program and you have certain legal rights within our program. You can stop services at any time, disagree with our findings or recommendations, or choose not to have an evaluation of your child’s skills even if recommended, among other rights.  You are in charge of making the decision about what you want and feel is best for your child and family.  When we meet with you, we will give you a copy of your legal rights and well as discuss them so that you understand them.  You are in complete control in every step and we do not do anything without your signed permission.


Early Intervention Programs (0-3 years)

Quantico Residents:                                    703-784-1741
Prince William County Residents:                 703-792-7879
Fairfax County Residents:                            703-246-7121
Spotsylvania, Stafford County Residents:    540-372-3561

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