Making an Appointment

Supervisors are required to contact Occupational Medicine to make all appointments for their employees. This is to ensure that employee’s schedules do not conflict with work flow and increase compliance with medical exams.

Each employee will need a SECNAV 5100/1 completed by their supervisor to ensure the proper exams are scheduled. Please fill out blocks 1-2-3. Occupational Medicine will fill out disposition and next exam date.

Email completed form to

The medical support clerk will call you and schedule an appointment for your employee with you.

You may also call 703-784-1673 to schedule the appointment for your employee.

Inform your employee of their appointment day and time.

Block 23 should correlate with ESAMS Duty Tasks.

Occupational Medicine will only conduct the exams noted in Block 23.

To verify ESAMS matches the exposures in the employees work areas refer to the Industrial Hygiene survey for that work space.