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Occupational Health

Location: Hallway “E” on second floor of Naval Health Clinic Quantico
(Check-in room 2F06)
Phone Number: 703-784-1673
Fax Number: 703-784-1681
Hours of Operation: 0700-1530 Monday - Friday
Closed Federal Holidays

Services Provided:

    • Medical surveillance evaluations and certification physicals
    • Immunization evaluations and screenings
    • Blood & Body Fluid exposure follow-up
    • Medical care for work-related injuries/illness
    • Return to work and work limitations assessments
    • Work site evaluations and consultations
    • Pre-employment physical exams
    • Pre-deployment Screening

Medical Surveillance and Certification:

    • The health surveillance programs employees are enrolled in are determined by duty task per position description and the Industrial Hygiene Inspection.
    • The required surveillance for each employee should be entered into Enterprise Safety Application Management System (ESAMS) by the employee’s supervisor or safety representative.
    • Supervisors record the medical surveillance on the SECNAV 5100/1 per ESAMS duty tasks

Additional Information:

    • For emergencies, call 911. Do Not Bring Employee To Occupational Health.
      • Naval Health Clinic Quantico does not provide Emergency Services
    • For routine and follow-up appointments, supervisors must contact the Occupational Health Clinic during normal hours of operation. Employees cannot make appointments directly.
    • New Work-related injuries will be seen on a walk-in basis.
      • Naval Health Clinic Quantico does not provide Emergency Services
    • All employees (military, civil service, and contract) are required to report to Occupational Health during the check-in process for screening to determine if member needs to be placed in work-related medical surveillance program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What happens if I am placed on a medical surveillance program?
    • The Medical surveillance screening and certification process generally requires 2-3 appointments.
    • Depending on your job, you may be required to obtain various medical tests such as laboratory tests, an EKG, pulmonary function testing, an audiogram, X-ray or immunizations.
  2. How do I complete the medical surveillance screening process?
    • Your Supervisor will schedule an appointment with Occupational Health.
    • Please do not bring children to appointments.
    • Bring any requested documents.
    • Your initial requirements (labs, tests, etc.) will be completed with occupational medicine staff. After initial test are completed you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment with a medical provider.
  3. Who is eligible to be monitored on a surveillance program?
    • The medical surveillance physical is provided to all employees at no cost.
    • Active Duty, beneficiaries and GS/WG employees will receive all work-related services at no cost to the employee.
    • Contractors need to check with Occupational Health regarding eligibility.
  4. What do I do if I am injured at Work?
    • Notify your supervisor
    • Obtain medical referral form from supervisor
      • See links above for further guidance
    • Supervisors Contact Occupational Medicine and have injured employee report to occupational medicine clinic or urgent care / emergency room after hours.
    • Report the injury to safety / complete mishap report as soon as practical
    • Civil Service Employees must follow-up with Occupational Health for any occupational related injury/illness
    • Contact HRO for appropriate FECA forms as applicable
      • HRO Injury Compensation Program Office at
    • Employees may elect to be treated by a physician of their choice (usually located within 25 miles of residence/work) after they are assessed by Occupational Health or injury occurs after hours.
  5. What do I do if I’m exposed to someone else’s blood/body fluids or if I have a needle stick or sharps injury?
    • Wash affected area with germicidal soap and running water.
    • If blood or body fluid is splashed in your eyes or mouth, rinse with water.
    • Notify you supervisor.
    • Report to Occupational Health Immediately (within 15 minutes). This is considered a medical emergency.