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Welcome to the Quantico Optometry Clinic! 

We provide comprehensive optometric care to Active Duty Personnel. 

Space available for Dependents and Retirees; please contact Optometry directly for availability.

Acute care is available to those eligible at NHCQ. 

No referrals necessary.

  • Examinations for glasses
  • Comprehensive eye health assessment 
  • Management of eye diseases and injuries 
    Contact lens services:

    Contact lens assessment only.   Must have a prior Rx and/or contact lens foils. 

    Contact lens Rx will be released upon evaluation; lenses cannot be purchased at NHCQ. 

    No new contact lens fits at this time.

    Hours: 0700-1530 Monday - Friday
    For acute care, contact Optometry.

    For routine appointments call Optometry 703-784-1631.

    Please bring your ID Card, and most current glasses when reporting for appointments. 

    Patients reporting more than 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time may be seen if an appointment becomes available later in the day.

    Glasses: Glasses are generally available within 2 - 4 weeks after ordered.
    Active duty patients are eligible for:
  • One frame of choice, clear lenses only.
  • One standard issue frame, clear.
  • One standard issue frame, tinted.
  • Gas Mask and ballistic inserts, as required. 
    Aviation personnel:
  • Two flight frames, clear.
  • Two flight frames, tinted.
  • One frame of choice, clear.
    Active duty and retired military personnel may order military spectacles at the clinic during working hours.
    Retirees: One standard issue frame with clear lenses or one pair of Half-Eyes.
    Dependents: Dependents are not eligible for glasses.
    Laser Surgery Information:

    A full eye exam is required to be considered for surgery.

    Eligibility: >21, stable Rx >1 year, and 12 months of service remaining.

    Warfighter Eye Center at Joint Base Andrews:

    Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program and Research Center at Fort Belvoir:




    Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Quantico
    The preferred choice for operational readiness and quality family centered care.
    Commanding Officer Lonnie Hosea, CAPT, Nurse Corps, USN
    Executive Officer Kristie Robson, CAPT, USN
    Command Master Chief Brian D Campbell HMCM
    For questions and concerns contact us at
    To Schedule an Appointment: Call 1-888-784-1802 or click here.
    To ask your PCM a non-urgent question, send them a secure message via Relay Health.
    FOR EMERGENCIES: Go To The Nearest Emergency Room or Dial 433-3333 or 911
    MISSION:World Wide Readiness. World Class Care.
    VISION:The Preferred Partner for Readiness, Health, and Employment.
    MOTTO:Always Chosen. Always Ready.
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