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Mission:  to provide innovative and evidence-based Health Promotion outreach wellness (HPW) programs and services that facilitate readiness and resilience, prevent illness and injury, hasten recovery and promote lifelong healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
Services:  Health Fairs, Education Displays and classes.

Back Hallway, 2nd Deck, 2G27, 2nd Deck, 2G27 Naval Health Clinic Quantico
SemperFit Health Promotion(SFHP), Barber Physical Activity Center (BPAC), 2073 Barnett Ave
Point of Contact:  Nancy Walker RN Health Educator    703-784-1525/5626
Hours of Operation: 0730-1600 Monday - Friday

Services Provided:
  • Tobacco CessationFacilitators located at Main-side (703-784-1525), David R. Ray Clinic(TBS) 703-784-5541, John H.
    Bradley Clinic (OCS) 703-784-2062. Group classes on request and offered twice per year in February and November. Call 703-784-1525 to register and for more details.
  • Active Living - Physical Fitness at BPAC- Crews into Shape
  • Injury & Violence Free Living – Summer Safety - Workplace safety Resources on NMCPHC website
  • Weight Management/Nutrition Education
  • Ship Shape Program to assist Active Duty Navy and Reserve Military Service Members, Beneficiaries, GS Civilians - Call 703-784-1525
  • Nutrition education at Semper Fit Health Promotion at BPAC
  • Psychological & Emotional Well-being – Suicide Prevention, Stress, Sleep, PTSD Resources on NMCPHC web
  • Reproductive & Sexual Health – Resources on NMCPHC website
  • Preventing Drug Abuse & Excessive Alcohol Use – Resources on NMCPHC website
  • Wounded, Ill & Injured – Resources on NMCPHC website
Staff and Patient Resources:
Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Quantico
The preferred choice for operational readiness and quality family centered care.
Commanding Officer Lonnie Hosea, CAPT, Nurse Corps, USN
Executive Officer Kristie Robson, CAPT, USN
Command Master Chief Brian D Campbell HMCM
For questions and concerns contact us at
To Schedule an Appointment: Call 1-888-784-1802 or click here.
To ask your PCM a non-urgent question, send them a secure message via Relay Health.
FOR EMERGENCIES: Go To The Nearest Emergency Room or Dial 433-3333 or 911
MISSION:World Wide Readiness. World Class Care.
VISION:The Preferred Partner for Readiness, Health, and Employment.
MOTTO:Always Chosen. Always Ready.
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