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Location:     John Henry Balch Clinic (Mainside),2nd floor


Phone Number:  703-784-1670
Hours of Operation: 0730-1530 Monday-Friday     
  **not all services provided during normal business hours. Please see below for further details.**

Walk-in Services:

  • STI counseling (AD only)
  • Latent TB counseling/treatment (AD only) - 0730-1400 Monday - Friday
  • Pre-deployment travel briefings and prophylaxis screening
  • ** travel briefs for Marine Corps Embassy Security Group is to be scheduled in advance**
  • Waterbull inspections and superchlorination - 0730 - 1100 Monday - Friday
  • Food safety training (initial and annual) for food employees - Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 0900 and 1000

Scheduled Services:

  • Influenza vaccination SHOTEX - September through December
  • **Commands will be contacted by Preventive Medicine before the start of Flu season to schedule SHOTEX**

Other Services:

  • Environmental health sanitation inspections of food facilities, exchanges, living quarters, recreational waters and facilities, child and youth programs, barber shops, military sponsored special events
  • Bacteriological testing and surveillance of drinking water
  • Pest/Vector Surveillance
  • Communicable disease outbreak guidance and investigation



Welcome to Naval Health Clinic Quantico
The preferred choice for operational readiness and quality family centered care.
Commanding Officer Lonnie Hosea, CAPT, Nurse Corps, USN
Executive Officer Kristie Robson, CAPT, USN
Command Master Chief Brian D Campbell HMCM
For questions and concerns contact us at
To Schedule an Appointment: Call 1-888-784-1802 or click here.
To ask your PCM a non-urgent question, send them a secure message via Relay Health.
FOR EMERGENCIES: Go To The Nearest Emergency Room or Dial 433-3333 or 911
MISSION:World Wide Readiness. World Class Care.
VISION:The Preferred Partner for Readiness, Health, and Employment.
MOTTO:Always Chosen. Always Ready.
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