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Optometry Clinic



To provide Active Duty personnel with comprehensive eye care delivered with quality, pride, and customer satisfaction.

Contact Information:

     Front Desk:  (202) 433-3937
   Fax:  (202) 685-1370



       Monday-Thursday       0700-1500
     Friday                        0700-1200


Services (for Active Duty personnel only):

  •   Prescription and supply of eyeglasses
  •   Comprehensive eye examination
  •   Management of eye diseases and injuries

Courtesy Contact Lens Service:

  •   Fittings are available on a limited basis at the doctor’s discretion. 
  •   Current contact lens wearers should bring all contact lens information available (boxes, solution, hand-written prescription) and wear their current contacts to the eye exam.

  NOTE:  The cost of a yearly supply of contact lenses is NOT covered by the BHC WNY.


  • To schedule a new appointment, please call the BHC WNY Appointment Line at (202) 433-3132.
  • To schedule a follow-up appointment, please call the Optometry front desk at (202) 433-3937.
  • Patients should report 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • Patients should bring their medical record, ID card, current eye glasses and contact lens information when reporting for appointments.
  • Patients reporting 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment time will be offered the option of waiting to see if there will be an opening that day or rescheduling for another time.

Glasses:  Glasses will be ready for pick-up 2-3 weeks after ordering.

All Active Duty personnel are eligible for:

  •   One frame of choice, clear lenses only
  •   One standard issue frame, clear
  •   One standard issue frame, tinted
  •   Gas Mask inserts, if needed

Refractive Surgery Information:

Patients who are interested in refractive surgery should bring copies of all previous eye exams to their comprehensive eye exam at the BHC WNY.  If eligible, patients will be given a consult form for surgery at NNMC Bethesda.  Patients must then get unit CO input and will be assigned a priority level.  The completed consult form must then be faxed to NNMC Bethesda at (301) 295-4751. 
To check the status of the consult, patients should email:

Click here to access the Laser Vision Center website for more information

NNMC Bethesda Patient Eligibility: 

  •   Must be over 21
  •   Have a stable prescription
  •   Have good ocular health
  •   Provide copies of previous eye exams, including refraction


Summary of NNMC Bethesda Priority Guidelines:


  •    Priority 1 (Highest Priority):  “…personnel whose military duties, without question, require them to regularly work in extreme physical environments…”
  •    Priority 2:  “…personnel whose military duties require them to frequently work in adverse physical environments…”
  •    Priority 3:  “…personnel whose military duties do not typically expose them to extreme physical environments…”
  •    Priority 4:  “…personnel whose military duties rarely expose them to extreme physical environments…”