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Medical Readiness Clinic

Location: 1st deck, hallway 1, room C07.
Phone: 202-433-3493
Hours: Monday through Thursday 0700-1530, Friday 0700-1200.
        PHA: 0700-1200
        Pre-post deployment & check-ins: 1300-1530


Medical Readiness:

The deployment health check in process begins and ends at Medical Readiness on the 1st Deck Hallway. Patient records will be screened to account for all required medical, dental, optometry, immunization, and preventive medicine and lab criteria. Upon completion of the preliminary workup process you will be scheduled to see a DHC provider during a clinic appointment. Lastly you will check out with Medical Readiness where your readiness status will be recorded on the appropriate DOD database. Please call (202)433-6529 with any questions.


Preventive Health Assessments (PHA): Annual screening that has replaced former five year physicals. This individual medical readiness (IMR) assessment is completed during one’s birth month annually and consists of six elements:

1. Individual Medical Readiness
2. Immunizations
3. Readiness Laboratory Studies
4. Dental Readiness
5. Deployment Limiting Conditions
6. Periodic Health Assessment

Fully Medically Ready (1 FMR)- Current in all six elements.

Partially Medically Ready (2 PMR)- Lacking any readiness laboratory studies, immunizations, or medical equipment.

Not Medically Ready (3 NMR)- Simply not fit for duty due to medical related issues.

Medical Readiness Indeterminate (4 MRI)- Inability to determine medical readiness status because of missing health record, overdue PHA or Dental Class 4.

Pre-deployment Screening (Pre HRA): Patient must complete an online screening assessment and have a current PHA with a 1 FMR status. The final screening appointment will be completed with a provider in the Deployment Health Center.


Post-deployment Health Assessment (Post HRA): Physical and psychological health screening to be completed upon immediate return from deployment. You must complete the online screening before you will be scheduled for an appointment with a DHC provider.

Post-deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA): Physical and psychological health screening to be completed between 90 and 180 days after returning from any deployment from March 2004 to present. You must complete the online screening before you will be scheduled for an appointment with a DHC provider.


Electronic Deployment Health Assessment Guide Sheets: Pre-HRA, Post HRA, PDHRA
Marine Combat Counseling Resources
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Marine PDHRA Fact Sheet


Predeployment- DD Form 2795
Postdeployment Health Assessment (PDHA)-
DD Form 2796
Postdeployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA)-
DD Form 2900