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The first Marine arrived at Quantico on May 14, 1917. At this time naval medical support began with the establishment of a Naval Post hospital. The post hospital delivered care and treatment in tents. In August 1917, this 100 bed hospital was relocated to nearby wooden barracks where the current Command and Staff College now stands. One month later the new hospital received its first cases of influenza, and what would later be named "Black Friday". The flu epidemic lasted until mid-December with more than 4,000 cases documented and 140 deaths. In 1918 the hospital bed capacity increased to 400 and seven other dispensaries were set up around the base. These eight facilities were staffed with 50 physicians, 24 nurses and 500 corpsmen.

In 1939 at the cost of $943,000.00 a new building was erected right outside of Quantico Town (2200 Lester Street) which is the current location for Marine Corps Systems Command. It was commissioned as a Naval Hospital on July 1, 1941. The hospital expanded during WWII and the inpatient capacity grew to over 600 beds. Following the war, the hospital discontinued use of several buildings. In 1973 the Naval Hospital was designated an Echelon 14 activity under the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda. The obstetrics and orthopedics services were discontinued in April 1978. In June 1979, Naval Hospital Quantico was redesignated as Regional Medical Clinic. In 1982 the hospital's inpatient services were expanded to include an emergency room, limited operating room capacity, and a 10 bed infirmary. These services were discontinued in 1987 and a 24 hour acute care clinic was established. April 1983 - redesignated as Naval Medical Clinic.
In 1989 the clinic was replaced with a civilian staffed Primary Care Clinic for walk-in-care of family members and retirees.
During 1991, The Naval Medical Clinic Quantico was placed under the command of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command and received its first accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.
Recognizing the need for a new state-of-the-art medical facility, that allowed delivery of 21st century healthcare to military members and their families, Naval Medical Clinic Quantico was constructed. The clinic opened August 14, 2000. In April 2005, the Medical and Dental treatment facilities were integrated and renamed Naval Health Clinic.
On July 21, 2005 Naval Health Clinic, Quantico, was dedicated and named the John Henry Balch Clinic.
The Naval Health Care Clinic Quantico flag level oversite was reassigned the Commander, National Naval Health Center, Bethesda MD in October 2005.
In May 2009, Naval Health Clinic Quantico acquired additional health care delivery sites at the Washington Navy Yard and Sugar Grove, West Virginia.  Naval Health Clinic Quantico became the National Capital Area's largest clinic Command and provided comprehensive healthcare services and 11,000 fleet training hours to 58 commands, fleet and contingency operations and a beneficiary population of over 100,000 across two states and the District of Columbia.
On July 31, 2013 Navy Medicine National Capital Area (NCA) was disestablished, and Naval Health Clinic Quantico and all its clinics were transferred to under the Command of Navy Medicine East, Portsmouth VA where it remains today.
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Commanding Officer Lonnie Hosea, CAPT, Nurse Corps, USN
Executive Officer Kristie Robson, CAPT, USN
Command Master Chief Brian D Campbell HMCM
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