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Why Have a Family Readiness Group?

The FRG's goal is to provide support and activities for all family members of staff assigned to Naval Health Clinic Quantico. Family Readiness Groups are an integral part of the military lifestyle. These groups serve the needs of individuals who share a common experience, particularly that of deployment. When families of deployed service members know their resources, have fun, and can draw on the strength of new friends, coping skills are enhanced and deployment anxiety is lessened.

A group that is working well promotes a team effort and brings out the best of this challenging lifestyle. Lasting friendships, the satisfaction of helping others, and a sense of pride are all positive results of belonging to a strong Family Readiness Group.

However, when commands return from deployment, Family Readiness Groups may experience lower attendance or even disband. This turn of events can be disheartening for group officers and advisors, especially if the group was strong during deployment. Participants find the group that helped them with the deployment is no longer needed. Their spouses are home, and even though they may stay in contact with some members of the group, they may not have the time or desire to meet on a regular basis. Groups will typically re-energize before the next deployment cycle, and the process will start again.

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