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Visiting Host Nation Hospitals

  • Before you visit a patient in any room, always check in the nursing station on the nursing unit. or if visiting a closed unit, use the phone outisde the unit and request permission from the nursing staff to visit the patient.  Some hospitals limit the number of visitors.  Please ask how many visitors are allowed before visiting a patient.
  • Be aware of the host nation hospital's visiting hours and only visit during these hours.  Visiting hours may vary by hospital and/or type of nursing unit (e.g.,medical,surgical,intensiv care,etc.).
  • Do not wear any military uniform while in ahost-nation hospital or when visiting a patient, unless you are there under emergency circumstances.  This is a long-standing policy of most host-nation hospitals in Okinawa.
  • Most hospitals allow family and friends to bring food into the hospital.  Check with the patient and/or nursing staff first as the patient may have a prescribed diet.  If food is brought in by family or friends, utensils for food need to be brought in as well.
  • While visiting a host nation hospital, turn phone to silent mode to utilize email or texting.  Limit use of cell phones and do not speak on the phone when patients are resting.  Always use discretion while in the hospital and keep voices low.
  • As a patient, if attending an outpatient clinic, or admitted to an inpatient unit, always call the Referral management Office at Naval Hospital Okinawa for the latest guidance.
  • When visiting any host nation hospital, remember you are there as a representative of the United States of America. Please remain courteous and respectful of other patients and staff while you are in their facility.