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Staff and Network 

Network Access

Incoming staff can start their request for network access before starting work here.

This is for personnel who currently have a CAC card.  Ensure that you have been released by your IT on the last day to be gained by USNH Okinawa IT.

  1. Complete Mandadory Training - HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Training
  2. Sign Acceptable Use Policy Form digitally. 
    Download a blank AUP form
    * Note: Scanned AUP forms are not accepted.
  3. Complete and sign SAAR-N Form digitally. 
    Download a blank SAAR-N form
    SAAR-N Instruction Guide
    * Note: Scanned SAAR-N forms are not accepted.
  4. Fill online form, attach AUP form, SAAR-N form, HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates.

Click here to check the status of your network request.

For Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Access: AHLTA, CHCS, Synapse, CCE, Essentris

In addition to the above requirements (1-4)

  1. Complete CIS Request Form
  2. New clinical support staff need to complete mandatory courses for CIS Access .
  3. Upload completed CIS Request Form and certificates for mandatory courses HERE.   If you already have network access and would like to add CIS Access click here to update your access request.
  4. Complete AHLTA/CHCS Classroom Training or Needs Assessment.  Click here to see the schedule and sign up for class.   
* If you already have an account, but need to submit updated HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates (REQUIRED YEARLY) -
Fill the white, top half of the online form .
For "Status" on the form, select "Update Account/New Training Certs".
Attach your new HIPAA and Cyber Awareness Certificates. 

Check Your Email

Outlook Web Access (CAC Card Required)  

Contact USNH ITD  


  • When prompted for a CAC digital certificate, always select your Email Certificate.
  • If you have problems saving the online request form, Go to the Tools menu on IE (press F10 if you don't see the menu). Make sure there is a check mark next to Enterprise Mode.


AHLTA_CHCS Staff Required Training.pdf
Internet Explorer - Enterprise Mode.docx
SAAR N - USNH Okinawa Application Guide.pdf
SAAR N Form.pdf
SOP1 - All Users.pptx
SOP2 - CIS Training.pptx
SOP3 - CIS Request.pptx
SOP4 - New User Request.pptx
USNHOKI 5238-1.pdf
USNHOKI 5238-2.pdf