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Commanding Officer

Captain William M. Deniston

Medical Service Corps, United States Navy
Commanding Officer
Naval Health Research Center

Captain William M. Deniston is a native of Carbondale Illinois. He graduated from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale (SIU-C) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1989. He continued his studies at SIU-C to earn his Master of Arts, and Ph.D. in experimental psychology. In 1996 he was commissioned in the Medical Service Corps as a research psychologist.

After Officer Indoctrination School, as a newly promoted lieutenant, he was assigned to Naval Health Research Center in San Diego. During his tour he focused on operationally relevant medical research, and spent the next four years as a research investigator. In 2001 he reported to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center – San Diego as a project manager on the Medical data Surveillance System, used in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In December of 2002 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became head of Performance Improvement for a 540 person department and co-lead for performance improvement, and strategic planning for the command.

In Oct. of 2004, he reported to the Office of Naval Research (ONR), as Deputy Director of the Neural, Cognitive, and Social Science & Technology Division. In January of 2005, he was selected as the Deputy of the Department of the Navy (DON) Human Research Protections Program Working Group. The working group rapidly and successfully responded to a Director Defense Research & Engineering threat to terminate Navy research with human subjects by developing new policy, and a DON management plan that complies with federal regulations and Department of Defense directives. In September 2005 he became Deputy Director of a new Research Protections Division at ONR.

In 2007 he was hand selected to become the first deputy director of the newly established Department of the Navy Human Research Protection Program (DON HRPP) at Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. DON HRPP provides oversight and monitoring of human subject research which allows the Navy to continue more than 1600 research protocols, approximately 1400 medical and 200 non-medical. In August 2008 he was promoted to the rank of Commander. In January 2010 he reported to the Office of the Naval Inspector General as Assistant Inspector General for Command Climate Evaluation. During his tour he analyzed data from more than 33,100 survey respondents and 11,400 focus group participants.

In December 2012 he reported to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery’s (BUMED) Wounded Ill and Injured as program manager of Deployment Mental Health Research. In March 2013 he was promoted to Captain and became Director of DON HRPP in December 2014. As director he was responsible for the oversight and monitoring of all human subject research in the Navy and Marine Corps, and DON sponsored extramural institutions.

Following his successful tour he reported to Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Maryland in June of 2017 where he currently serves as Executive Officer.