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Military Population Health

The Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) is dedicated to conducting research to protect and maintain the health and wellness of our service members and their families at home and around the world.

Featured Research

The associations between stressful military experiences and tobacco use and alcohol misuse among Service members are well documented. However, little is known about whether stressful military experiences are associated with tobacco use and alcohol misuse among military spouses. Visit our Publications page to learn more about this and other studies.

Featured Research  

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 Deployment Health

Millennium Cohort Program

In the late 1990s, in response to concerns about the health effects of deployments following the 1991 Gulf War, the Institute of Medicine and Congress identified the need to understand how military...

Family Cohort Program

The Family Study is the first longitudinal study to follow a population-based cohort of military spouses to assess the long-term impact of military service and deployment on family health...

Recruit Assessment Program

RAP collects baseline health data from Marine recruits to increase understanding of how service-related exposures affect health and develop early intervention and prevention programs to protect health and...

Reproductive Health

Assessing the potential risks of military unique exposures on reproductive health is important, and the increasing number of women on active duty underscores the need to...

Supplement Use Study

In 2008 an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report recognized that a clear picture of the use of dietary supplements (i.e. doses, patterns of use, expectations) does not exist and recommended the conduct of surveys that provide data on such usage.

 Health & Behavioral Sciences

Clinical Treatment Studies

Our clinical psychology researchers develop and test novel treatments for service members with psychological conditions ( depression, PTSD), including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches...

Epidemiological Investigations

Our epidemiologists and research psychologists develop and administer surveys that help us gauge the mental well-being of our service members...

Health Promotion Interventions

Our behavioral scientists develop, evaluate, and implement innovative, evidence-based interventions to promote positive health behaviors and reduce the risk of negative psychological and behavioral outcomes...