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Operational Infectious Diseases

The Naval Health Research Center’s (NHRC) Operational Infectious Diseases (OID) Directorate conducts basic and applied biomedical research to address infectious diseases that can impact military personnel across the globe. NHRC is the lead laboratory for Navy and Marine Corps operational medicine research and development, with our strategic location making us ideally suited for the execution and oversight of biomedical research.

Specimen Collection

For information on specimen collection and diagnostics, follow the links below for more information on specimen collection and diagnostics, follow the links below for more information:

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Acute Gastroenteritis Surveillance

We conduct population-based surveillance among military trainees at U.S. armed forces basic training centers for AGE, focusing on norovirus infection, to provide actionable surveillance data...

Outbreak Support

Our Operational Infectious Diseases team conducts surveillance to enhance situational awareness and provides laboratory and epidemiological research support to identify and characterize...

Respiratory Surveillance

We determine etiologies of respiratory pathogens that cause disease among Department of Defense (DoD) beneficiaries and provide actionable surveillance data to military line and...

 Clinical Studies

Clinical Trials

The Operational Infectious Diseases team can enhance force health protection by contributing to the development of vaccines and preventive measures through research and support for...

Epidemiology Studies

NHRC uses several recently developed diagnostic technologies to study disease distribution and etiology. These tools, including both molecular genetics platforms and protein-based...

Diagnostics Studies

NHRC’s Operational Infectious Diseases (OID) researchers contributes directly to force health protection by defining critical pathogen threats and directing appropriate intervention strategies...