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Operational Readiness & Health

Our Operational Readiness and Health researchers leverage science to optimize human performance, recovery, resilience, and injury prevention as well as develop medical planning, logistics, and decision support tools to keep our warfighters healthy and enhance operational readiness.

Featured Research

Did you know NHRC’s Sleep and Fatigue team is conducting more than six sleep health studies? Among the most recent, the team has ongoing research to find an innovative and cost efficient sleep diagnostic tool to improve sleep performance in military service members.

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Featured Research  
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Recent News

 Warfighter Performance

Environmental Physiology

Modern conflicts have taken warfighters around the globe, placing them in diverse climates that range from oppressive heat and humidity to sub-freezing temperatures...

Fatigue & Sleep

Sleep loss and fatigue compromise the performance, health, and safety of warfighters. To maximize the operational readiness and resilience of our armed forces, the Sleep and...

Physical Readiness & Resilience

We conduct operationally relevant research to support modern special forces operators, expeditionary forces, and ground combat troops by focusing on enhancing...

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Preventing injuries and rehabilitating wounded warfighters are two important areas of our research that support the health and readiness of our military. Our scientists focus...

 Medical Modeling, Simulation & Mission Support

Expeditionary Medical Research

Our Expeditionary Medical Research team studies mechanisms of injury, causes of illness, and casualty care and treatment from point of injury through definitive care to identify factors and best practices that...

Modeling & Simulation

Our Modeling and Simulation team create tools to equip military medical planners, providers, trainers, and logisticians with the capability to examine various courses of action before, during, and after deployment. The tools can be used to...

Operational Decision Support

We promote operational readiness by providing military leaders and logisticians with data-driven science and proven methodologies that supports decision-making with evidence-based, actionable analysis...