Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms Contact Information

Central phone number (Quarterdeck) : 760-830-2190
Public Affairs Officer: (760) 830-2362
Adult Medical Care Clinic: 760-830-2621
Appointment number: 760-830-2752
DSN Prefix: 230-xxxx



Official Mailing Address:
Commanding Officer
Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms
Box 788250 MCAGCC
Twentynine Palms, CA 92278-8250



Do You Have a Question About the Care You've Received at this Facility?

It is our desire that your treatment meet or exceed your expectations.  In the event that you experience any problems or have an experience that is above and beyond your expectations we would like to be informed.  Because of our desire to continually improve service for our beneficiaries we have established a Patient Relations Program.  This program affords you an opportunity to discuss both your positive and negative experiences with a staff member who is dedicated to improving our service.  We encourage you to contact the clinic representatives with your concerns. 


Naval Hospital Customer Relations can be reached at:

By phone: (760) 830-2475

By email at



Branch Health Clinic China Lake Customer relations can be reached at (760) 939-8016


Branch Medical Clinic Stop 1311

1 Administration Circle

China Lake, California 93555



Branch Health Clinic Bridgeport Customer Relations can be reached at (760) 932-1616


Branch Health Clinic Bridgeport

Bldg. 3005

Bridgeport, CA 93517