Frequently Asked Questions 



I am a doctor/nurse and will be reporting to Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms soon, how do I contact the Professional Affairs/Credentialing department?

The Hospital’s Medical Staff Services office phone is (760) 830-2194, or DSN 230-2194


How do I Obtain a Birth/Death Certificate?

Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms does not issue Birth/Death Certificates.  You will have to contact the County of San Bernardino. Click here to visit their Vital Records web page.


Who do I contact concerning Patient/Treatment Records?

To request copies of any inpatient medical record, please mail a signed letter requesting copies of your records. Please provide the following information: name, address, sponsor's SS#, phone number, the year of the records you are requesting and the address to where the copies are to be mailed. Mail the request to: Commanding Officer, Naval Hospital, Box 788250 MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA...attention Medical Records.


How do I submit a commendation/concern/suggestion?

If you are a patient and would like to commend or complain about the service that was provided to you, go to the Customer Relations Program.

If you have comments or suggestions concerning the Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms Web Site, contact the webmaster.


I am trying to locate someone at the command.  Can your help?

Normally we do not announce email addresses or phone numbers for a specific individual staff member.  But, we will forward your email to the staff member, and he/she will respond if they desire to do so.  Staff privacy is respected at this command.


I have been assigned to Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms for duty.  What information can you provide me before I report aboard?

Please visit our Command Sponsor Web Page.  You can request a Welcome Aboard Packet as well as contact our Command Sponsor representative.


Where may I obtain information concerning employment opportunities at Twentynine Palms?

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Human Resources Office Website.


How do I obtain past medical records?

All of our medical records are retired to St Louis Mo, every two to five years (every five years for outpatient records and every two years for inpatient records). You may contact them at the following address: National Personnel Records, 9700 Page Blvd, St Louis Mo 63132-5100 . Telephone 314-801-0800 , Fax 314 801-9195 . You will need to know what type of medical records that you are looking for (inpatient or outpatient) and from what hospital or clinic.