Mission Of The IG Hotline
The mission of the IG Hotline is to provide a method to receive and investigate allegations of significant fraud, waste, abuse and/or mismanagement. Military and civilian personnel are required to report suspected wrong doing to their chain of command. This is the preferred mechanism because it reinforces the primacy of the chain of command and allows problems to be addressed at the lowest level. The IG Hotline provides an alternative to the chain of command when a complainant reasonably fears reprisal or believes that the chain of command has been unresponsive.
Matters Appropriate for IG Hotline Complaints:
Proper Use Of The IG Hotline
Abuse of title or position
Bribes/Kickbacks/Acceptance of Gratuities
Conflicts of Interest
Ethics Violations
False Official Statements/Claims
Gifts (improper receipt or giving)
Mismanagement/Organization Oversight (significant cases)
Misuse of Official Time, Government Property, Position and Public Office
Political Activities
Procurement Issues
Purchase Card
Reprisal (Military Whistleblower Protection)
Safety/Public Health (Substantial/Specific
Systemic Problems
Time and Attendance (Significant Violations)
Travel Card Abuse
Travel Fraud (TDY and TAD)
Those who willfully and knowingly file false allegations are subject to prosecution and/or administrative action. Some issues should not be addressed via the IG Hotline as they may be more appropriately handled by other organizational entities (Union Representative, Human Resource Staff, Equal Opportunity Advisor - as applicable). Those complainants actively pursuing issues via alternative means (ie. EEO complaints, union grievance, etc.) should not utilize the IG Hotline to address the same issues. Complainants should not submit simultaneous allegations to multiple IG Hotlines (Regional, Department of the Navy (DON), Department of Defense (DOD) etc...)
Anyone may file a hotline complaint. You may remain anonymous but we will not be able to contact you for more information. You may request confidentiality, and we will make every effort to prevent disclosure of your identity, but we cannot guarantee confidentiality.
How to file a local IG Hotline Complaint:
1. Verbally - Call the Hotline recording at (760) 830-2344 and leave a message.
2. In person – With Command Evaluation who is located on the 3rd Floor in Orthopedics/General Surgery E213.
3. Electronic mail - Send an email to: This method does not protect your anonymity. By using this method you acknowledge that your privacy is not guaranteed because your complaint has not been encrypted. If you are not comfortable submitting your complaint via e-mail, you may mail your complaint to us at the below address. 
4. Mail the Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms IG Hotline form or your complaint to:
PO BOX 788250
Click here if you would like a print out of our form: IGHotlineForm .pdf.
Information To Include In Your Complaint
Who? (Service member's or employee's full name, rank/grade, and duty station.) 
What? (Specific wrongdoing, and why you believe that the activity was misconduct, to include the rule, regulation or law you think they violate.) 
Where? (Location where the wrongdoing occurred.) 
When? (Specific dates and times.) 
How Much? (Estimated dollar loss.) 
Why and How? (Describe why and how you believe the individual perpetrated the offense.) 
What have you done to resolve the issue?
What you want the IG to do?
Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What can you expect when you file a hotline complaint?
Answer: An investigator will evaluate your complaint and determine if the matter warrants investigation or if we should refer your complaint to other authorities or the command for a response. We will send a confirmation letter to let you know what action was taken on your complaint if you provide your name and address. We are unable to notify anonymous complainants of the results of an investigation if we do not have an address.
Question: What does the Hotline Investigator expect from someone who makes a complaint to the hotline?
Answer: The Hotline Investigator expects you to provide answers to the questions listed on the Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms IG Hotline form and/or Step 3 of the 4-Step Hotline Complaint procedure pamphlet. Remember, the more information you provide the better we can assist you. Be prepared to provide supporting evidence.
Question: Do we guarantee we will conduct an investigation?
Answer: Generally, we will not accept a complaint if: You do not submit your complaint within 90 days, unless you can demonstrate that you were unable to meet the time requirement due to extraordinary circumstances or unforeseen delays OR You have not addressed your issue with the command OR You have not used an appropriate complaint process for military and civilian employees such as Board for Correction of Naval Records, Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity, Administrative Grievance Procedure, etc. OR Another investigation is being conducted into the matter.  
Question: If you do not agree with the results of the investigation, can you ask for reconsideration?
Answer: Yes. If you have new information to support your complaint, the case may be reconsidered. If, on the other hand, you are merely unhappy because you do not agree with the outcome, the IG will not conduct another investigation.
Click here for the Naval Medical Inspector General's4 Step Hotline Complaint Procedure Pamphlet - LOCAL.pdf guide for future reference.
Report Fraud, Waste, Mismanagement, and Military Whistleblower
Complaints to one of the following:
Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms
Commercial:  (760) 830-2344
Medical Regional Inspector General
Toll Free Telephone #:  (877) 479-3832      Commercial:  (619) 767-6068
DSN:  577-6068       Fax:     (619) 767-6058
Medical Inspector General
Toll Free Telephone #:  (800) 637-6175       Commercial:  (301) 295-9019
DSN:  295-9019          Fax:  (301) 295-9022
Naval Inspector General
Toll Free Telephone #: (800) 522-3451       Commercial:  (202) 433-6743
DSN:  288-6743       Fax:  (202) 433-2613
DoD Inspector General
Toll Free Telephone #:  (800) 424-9098