Naval hospital 29 Online



What is Naval Hospital 29 Online? 

Naval Hospital 29 Online uses, a web-based tool that allows you to request lab and x-ray results or communicate with your Primary Care Manager or clinic staff 24 hours a day. 


Why use Naval Hospital 29 Online?

  • Avoids telephone hassles and lengthy wait times when scheduling doctor visits.
  • Saves time compared to traveling to the doctor's office for a visit.
  • Allows to reference your Primary Care Manager’s and clinic staff advice and direction for care at any time; all messages are safely stored on Relay Health. 


What does Naval Hospital 29 Online offer?

Consult Your Doctor (webVisitTM)

Use a webVisit to consult us about non-urgent health conditions or symptoms. In a webVisit, you are presented with a series of questions about your symptoms and other important health information. Your answers help us determine the best course of treatment for you.

Request An Appointment

Request an appointment online and avoid waiting on hold or playing phone tag with our office.

Request Medication Refills

Request a prescription renewal when you need additional refills for a prescribed medication. Once we approve your request, we can electronically route it to your pharmacy for filling.

Request a Lab/Test Result

Ask us to forward information about recent lab results or diagnostic tests to you electronically. May also utilize a webVisit to consult your doctor about a lab or test result.

Request a Specialty Referral

Request an updated referral to your specialist.

Send a Note To Your Doctor’s Office

Use this feature to ask routine administrative questions, like “can I get my cast wet?”

Comprehensive Health Record Online

Keep your health and wellness information updated in one place. Enter information pertinent to allergies, medications, health habits and current and past medical issues.  No one, other than you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff can access your Health Record. By maintaining your Health Record your doctor is informed of your health and your health issues before your doctor visit.

Medical Information

Access a range of medically reviewed information, as well as information your doctor has selected for you. This information includes: library of medically reviewed, self-care information; personalized healthcare reminders and instructions from your doctor; links to information and web sites your doctor recommends. You may elect to receive an optional newsletter from your doctor.


Is Naval Hospital 29 Online safe to use?


Security and Privacy:  Naval Hospital 29 Online is committed to providing a safe and secure communication service.  Naval Hospital 29 Online meets all current Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Internet Security requirements and is in compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. 



How do I get started?


Visit the RelayHealth web page at and register as a patient.


Children under the age of 18 years old should be registered under their DEERS eligible sponsor.  Individuals over 18 years old need to register separately.


Once registered for Naval Hospital 29 Online, you will have access to your own personalized Home Page where you can create and maintain your family’s health records and access the services listed above.


For any questions contact your Medical Home team.