Branch Medical Clinic Bridgeport






You have been selected to join an outstanding team of Sailors and Marines.  As a member of the Branch Medical Clinic you will play a major part in ensuring that the Marines and Sailors assigned to the Mountain Warfare Training Center are provided high quality medical care. 


The Mountain Warfare Training Center is the Marine Corps most remote duty station and presents unique challenges to staff members and families.  Although remote there are many family oriented activities that are readily available throughout the region.


Welcome to the Branch Medical Clinic Bridgeport, California. We are a tenant command of the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center and our parent command is Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms.  We are designed and staffed to provide routine and urgent care to residents of this isolated duty station and local beneficiaries.


We are located approximately 25 miles from the small town of Bridgeport, California and approximately one hour from Lake Tahoe.

Once you recieve orders here, please contact our Sponsor Coordinator at 760-932-1616 or by email at



History of the Branch Medical Clinic Bridgeport


The Center was established in 1951 as the Cold Weather Battalion with a mission of providing cold weather training for replacement personnel bound for Korea. After the Korean Conflict, the name was changed to the "Marine Corps Cold Weather Training Center." As a result of its expanded role, the Center was renamed "Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center" in 1963. MCMWTC operated on a full-time basis until 1967 when it was placed in a caretaker status as a result of the Vietnam War. 

The training Center was reactivated as a full-time command on 19 May 1976. Today it is the premier institute for training in mountain and cold weather warfare. The Center is located on California Highway 108 at Pickel Meadow, some 21 miles northwest of Bridgeport, California and 100 miles south of Reno, Nevada, on 46,000 acres of the Toiyabe National Forest. 

Under agreement with the US Forest Service the Marine Corps uses the training area to instruct US and international military personnel in mountain and cold weather combat operations. The Center is located at 6,762 feet, with elevations in the training areas ranging to 11,459 feet. During the winter season (October - April), snow accumulation can reach depths of six to eight feet. Further, severe storms can deposit as much as four feet of snow in a 12 hour period. Annual temperatures range from +90 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mountain Warfare Training Center personnel and their beneficiaries fall under TRICARE Remote coverage.


Mission, Vision, and Values


NMRTC Twentynine Palms will be the premier remote training command for clinical excellence, readiness, and warfighter survivability.
We support readiness and health of the Navy and Marine Corps family by providing safe and high quality healthcare.
Elements of our Vision
Establish the top operational medical training center in Navy Medicine
Improve internal satisfaction
Be the hospital of choice to deliver the highest quality care to the warfighter and the beneficiary
NMRTC Twentynine Palms and our branch clinics are the duty station of choice
Our Culture
Caring and Compassion
Honest and Open Communications
Our 5 Strategies
1.      We will build the next generation of leaders.
2.       We will ensure effective internal and external communications.
3.      We will take care of our own.
4.      We will establish agreements (MOUs) to create and sustain training.
5.      We will better manage data, funds, and human capital.




Appointments and Information

Military Sick Call – Monday thru Friday 0800-1000

Military Physicals 1300 - 1600 Tuesdays by appointment

Family Care at the Clinic – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday by appointment only.

Coleville Housing Clinic – Wednesday from 0900-1500.  Walk-ins only.


Appointment Phone – 760-932-1616 or  760-932-1617 24-hour TRICARE phone is 1-888-874-9378


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 Branch Medical Clinic Bridgeport Services Offered


Family Practice/Military Medicine

Basic Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology.

Routine Military and Dependent Immunizations (Supplies may be limited)

Overseas/Sea Duty Screenings


Because the clinic is designed and equipped to primarily treat general medical conditions, anyone requiring referral or ongoing care from cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, or psychiatric specialties will not be considered suitable for this isolated duty station. If you have an ongoing medical or dental condition, you must obtain special clearance through the Overseas Screening Process before you transfer.

If a medical emergency condition develops which is beyond the scope of the health services provided here, the patient will be evacuated to Carson Valley Medical Center in Gardnerville, Nevada, Carson/Tahoe Medical Center in Carson City, Nevada, Barton Memorial in Lake Tahoe, California, or Renown Medical Center in Reno, Nevada.  Evacuation is done primarily by ground transport by ambulance, and if time is critical, by air evacuation via Care Flight.

Eye Care and Eye Wear - Though general eye care is available, corrective lens prescriptions cannot be written or filled at the clinic. Those who wear contact lenses should bring an extra pair of lenses and a pair of glasses. If you wear glasses, be sure to bring two pairs and a current prescription. Glasses for active duty beneficiaries may be ordered by the Branch Medical Clinic with a current prescription, however it takes approximately two weeks to get glasses. Even if you do not wear corrective lenses, it is still advisable to bring sunglasses designed to block ultra-violet rays.  If in need of a prescription while stationed onboard you will be referred to a local optometrist that has been approved by Tricare Remote. 

Dental services are provided quarterly by the Dental Battalion, otherwise all beneficiaries are authorized to utilize the TRICARE Remote Dental Program to receive treatment by their nearest dental provider.

Personnel are strongly encouraged to resolve any TRICARE issues prior to departure from previous duty. The following web sites may be used as references: and for the TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan use: