Mission and Vision


Here to SERVE with CARE


  1. Our Mission: We are forward deployed to maximize the readiness, health, and well-being of active duty forces and their families in Japan, Korea, and Diego Garcia.
  2. Our Vision: Premier provider of healthcare to active duty forces and their families in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region through Joint partnerships.
  3. My Command Philosophy is designed to provide guidance in support of our Mission and Vision, as well as outline my expectations of all Staff members at this Command:
    1. READINESS: This is why we wear the cloth of our Nation. Our priority will be to deliver the highest quality healthcare to our warfighters and their families. As members of the Navy Medical Department, we must be clinically, administratively and physically ready to deploy. Hospital Corpsman are the most important member of the combat medical team. It is our duty to ensure our Corpsmen have the clinical expertise to deserve the title as “Doc”. All staff members must work to the top of their licenses to ensure they are ready to fulfill their duties.
    2. FAMILY: Our patients are family. Every patient encounter shall be viewed as treating one of your family members. We have an opportunity and responsibility to improve our patient’s health and well-being. We must remain worthy of the trust placed in our hands to care for our warfighters and their families with dignity and respect.
    3. NO PATIENT HARM: US Naval Hospital Yokosuka will strive to be a Highly Reliable Organization. We will be a command focused on process improvement and transparency with our patients. We will not accept simple explanations for problems and will examine data and metrics, de-stigmatize failure, defer to expertise regardless of rank/grade and be resilient when errors occur.
    4. PEOPLE: The professional development of Active Duty and the entire Civilian workforce will result in improved patient care. We will be a command dedicated to lifelong learning to include military and clinical programs that facilitate and ensure the professional growth of the entire US Naval Hospital Yokosuka staff

Strategic Goals

We will Maximize the Readiness, Health, and Well-Being of Active Duty Forces and their Families

  • Improve Mass Casualty Response Readiness
  • Reduce LIMDU Processing Time (95% within 30 days)
  • Increase Medical and Dental Readiness of Supported Commands
  • Successfully Implement HM Clinical Operations Program
  • Improve Communications with families

We will Establish a Culture Of Patient Safety and High Reliability

  • Standardize Hospital and BHC Clinical and Administration Processes
  • Increase Staff Engagement in CPI

We will Enhance the Personal and Professional Development of our Staff

  • Increase Opportunities For Continuing Education
  • Increase Staff Retention and Improve Recognition for GS and MLC’s

We will Expand Partnerships with Host Nations & Bilateral Military Medical Colleagues