Here to SERVE with CARE


  1. Our Mission: We are forward deployed to maximize the readiness, health, and well-being of the active duty forces and their families in Japan, Korea, and Diego Garcia.
  2. Our Vision: Premier provider of healthcare to active duty forces and their families in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region through Joint partnerships.
  3. My Command Philosophy is designed to provide guidance in support of our Mission and Vision, as well as emphasizing expectations of all Staff members at this command:
    1. WARFIGHTERS FIRST: In today’s challenging security environment, especially in this key Indo-Asia-Pacific region, strong nations must have strong warfighters. WE MUST ENSURE A MEDICALLY READY COMBAT FORCE AND A READY MEDICAL FORCE ABLE TO DEPLOY AND FIGHT TONIGHT TO PROTECT THE HOMELAND. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest medical care to our warfighters and their families, and we realize that our impact goes well beyond this. During each patient encounter, every member of our Command impacts the readiness, health, well-being, and ability of our warfighters to deploy and fight tonight, which directly impacts the strength, security, stability, and strategic advantage of our country and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, we are all Readiness Leaders and are critically important to our nation’s defense. We must always remain worthy of the privilege of this leadership. And we must always honor and remain worthy of the trust placed in our hands to care for our Warfighters and their families with dignity and respect.
    2. DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING/INTEGRITY OVER LOYALTY: Remaining blindly loyal to one person or way of thinking may conflict with maintaining integrity, but integrity must always come first. Maintaining integrity means that we take the initiative to do the next right thing no matter how hard the choice and especially when no one is watching. This requires toughness. Maintaining integrity also requires that we are accountable for our decisions and behavior, and that we hold others accountable for theirs. Doing the next right thing also means that we always respect our partnerships by treating the gracious people of Japan, Korea, Diego Garcia, and all of our allied countries in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region with dignity and respect.
    3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER: WE MUST TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO ASK FOR HELP AND GIVE HELP WHEN IT IS NEEDED. We must have the courage to intervene when others are about to make destructive decisions or are engaging in destructive behaviors. To be our best, we must also strive for balance in our personal and professional lives. And we need to make sure we take time to thank each other and recognize each other’s accomplishments.