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On Base: 911
Off Base: 119

Hospital Information-24H
US: 011-81-46-816-7144
DSN: 243-7144
Off Base: 046-816-7144

Central Appointments
US: 011-81-46-816-5352
DSN: 243-5352
Off Base: 046-816-5352
Make Appointments Online

MHS Nurse Advice Line (NAL)
Off Base: 0120-996-985 or 00-66-3382-1820
DSN: 94-888-901-7144
From US: 1-888-901-7144
From Korea: 08-0500-4011

Prescription Refill System
US: 011-81-46-816-4689
DSN: 243-4689
Off Base: 046-816-4689

Customer Relations
DNS: 315-243-8627
Email: Customer Service

Tricare Service Center
US: 011-81-46-816-9528
DSN: 243-9528
Off Base: 046-816-9528

Emergency Room
US: 011-81-46-816-5137
DSN: 243-5137
Off Base: 046-816-5137

Dental Clinic Front Desk
US: 011-81-46-816-8808
DSN: 243-8808
Off Base: 046-816-8808

Fleet Liaison
US: 011-81-46-816-7105
DSN: 243-7105
Off Base: 046-816-7105
Email: Fleet Liaison

Periodic Health

US: 011-81-46-816-2855
DSN: 243-2855
Off Base: 046-816-2855

Voting Assistance Officer
US: 011-81-46-816-8508
DSN: 243-8508
Off Base: 046-816-8508
Email: Voting Assistance



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