The OB Clinic provides optimum women's health care services to active duty women and other eligible beneficiaries.

The clinic provides prenatal care, which begins with pregnancy education for all new OB patients during the first trimester, as well as postpartum care approximately six weeks after delivery. Additionally, annual exams and birth control counseling are provided.

The New Parent Support Team (NPST) provides services to OB patients who need additional assistance with parenting skills, financial assistance (i.e. WIC, food stamps), and other things to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. The NPST offices are located on site in Hall 1 in room number IR32.


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(757) 953-9001/9002/9037


Building CD2

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday 0700-1700
Friday 0700-1530


All appontments will be made by calling 1-866-MIL-HLTH. All appointments begin at 0720.