Transition Roadmap

The below roadmap is intended to provide incoming interns with guidance on what to expect and items that should be accomplished prior to reporting for internship.


GMESB results released. Results are disseminated via email/MODS.

February - March

Email from program leadership and coordinator welcoming you to the program

Apply for an NPI number and email your program coordinator once received.

Convert your present CV over to DOD Format. If you intend to apply for Flight Surgery or Undersea Medical Officer you will need a CV in DOD Format.

Gather your undergraduate transcripts. If you intend to apply for Flight Surgery you will need them. Can be unofficial.


BUPER Orders disbursement

Pay questions (refer to page on Pay & Allowances)

When you receive your official BUPERS Orders you can begin to plan and arrange your move. All military moves are arranged through the Military Move Portal which is an Internet-based system to manage DoD household goods moves. Click on “First Time DPS User” to start entering your information once you have your orders.

DITY Move Certified Public Scale Locator

If your wife is pregnant or other family member has immediate medical issues and will need help right away after arrival at NMC Portsmouth, please make the GME office aware and will help you.


Interns report 5 JUN 2017 at 0700.

Contact Information

NPI Numbers

National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) - NPI Number Applications
How to Apply for an NPI (Instructions)


DOD CV Template

Military Move

Naval Station Norfolk Household Goods and Inbound Transportation Office
7920 14th Street, Personnel Support Mall Bldg. 336, Norfolk, VA 23505
Tel: (757) 443-3700 or (855) 444-6683

Military Move Portal
Internet-based system to manage DoD household goods moves.

DITY Move Certiied Public Scale Locator