Graduate Medical and Dental Education


The Office for Student Affairs will start accepting 4th year clerkship requests from the Class of 2019 HPSP, HSCP or USUHS graduating class starting on the first Monday in December.  In order to request a clerkship, click on the link at the bottom of the links on the left-hand column of this web page titled "Request for Clerkship/Interview," fill out the requested information, and send it to the email address listed on the top of the form.

Contact Information

GME Officer:

Phone: (757) 953-7001
Fax: (757) 953-6909

Medical Student Coordinator

Phone: (757) 953-0672/3677
Fax: (757) 953-6909

Director for Professional Education Office:

Phone: (757) 953-5109
Fax: (757) 953-6909


Charette Health Care Center
Building 3, 3rd Deck, Room 3.1-210
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