Immunizations Clinic

Immunizations, including travel immunization services, are provided for all eligible DEERS enrolled beneficiaries.

Vaccines required for employment are provided for government/contract employees of NMCP and the Branch Health clinics (BHCs).

Patients of all ages are provided care to include infants, children, adolescents and adults. Regional Immunization services for Active Duty and Reserve units are also provided by the core facility via vaccination teams.

Immunization care is provided as a walk in service, except for Smallpox vaccination services Please call for special accommodation appointments.

Vaccinations are provided based on Command standing orders, adhering to the command formulary and command vaccination schedule.

Travel medicine evaluations and vaccines orders are provided by the NMCP Internal Medicine Travel Medicine Clinic, for patients on personal travel.

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(757) 953-2207

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Building 2, 2nd Floor, South Wing

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Friday, 0800-1530
Thursday 0900-1530
No TST (PPD) tests are administered on Thursday due to the inability to read the results over the weekend.

Availability of Services:



Smallpox requires special accomodation apointments made by the clinic. Synagis apointments are made by Clinic Nurse. No apointments are made by the central apointment service.