Library Services

Library Services provides high quality information resources and services to NMCP staff and beneficiaries in support of clinical and administrative decision making, education, research and personal development. Library Services includes a Health Sciences Library, Crew’s Library and a Patient and Family Resource Center.

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library includes medical, nursing, and allied health books and journals in print. Online resources are available to NMCP staff through the Library Services site on the NMCP Intranet or offsite via Open Athens.

Crew's Library

The Crew’s Library contains fiction, non-fiction, and audiobooks, plus newspapers and popular magazines, a children’s section, paperback exchange, DVDs, and a professional reading section featuring titles from the Navy Reading Program.

Patient and Family Resource Center

The PFRC includes consumer health books and magazines and medical encyclopedias.

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Are you a Navy Medicine health professional not stationed at NMCP?

Navy health professionals not assigned to NMCP may access electronic medical resources through the Navy Medicine electronic Library (NMeL). NMeL supports Navy health professionals throughout the world with clinical reference resources through Open Athens, a single sign-on portal. Navy Medicine health professionals stationed at an MTF who have a med.navy.mil e-mail accounts may self-register for an Athens account. Other Navy Medicine health professionals may contact usn.hampton-roads.navhospporsva.list.nmcp-library@mail.mil for Athens registration information.


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(757) 953-5383/5384


Charette Health Care Center
Building 1, 4th Floor

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday

Availability of Services:

Print and online resources supporting clinical and administrative decision making, education, research and personal development. Reference services are available to Navy health professionals, patients and their families.