Otolaryngology/Audiology/Speech Pathology

The Otolaryngology Department will provide and coordinate care relative to the examination, diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate disposition of patients with diseases, or injuries of the head and neck. This includes all eligible beneficiaries in all age groups, newborn to geriatric patients. VA Resource sharing patients may be treated. We treat inpatients and outpatients.

The Otolaryngology Department is divided into the Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery Division, the Audiology Division, and the Speech Pathology Division.

Consultative requests include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Trauma of the head and neck, excluding intracranial and globe injuries
  2. Audiology: Hearing and vestibular deficits and testing
  3. Otology: Ear diseases, vertigo
  4. Oncology: Comprehensive management of head and neck/throat cancer
  5. Rhinology: Sleep apnea, breathing and sinus problems
  6. Laryngology: Throat and voice disorders
  7. Pediatric Otolaryngology-otitis media, tonsillitis, vocal cord disorders, vagal nerve stimulator.
  8. Plastic Surgery: Facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, post MOHS reconstruction.
  9. Rhinolaryngologic Allergy
  10. Speech pathology: Voice disorders, stuttering, referrals for modified barium swallow studies

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Building 2, 2nd Floor

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Monday - Friday 0800-1630


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