Progressive Care Unit

The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth guarantees quality healthcare by providing exceptional, evidence-based patient care and fostering professional development. We provide care to active duty members, retirees, and eligible beneficiaries in the Hampton Roads area.

The PCU is a15 bed telemetry unit, which primarily admits adult (18 and up) patients with cardiovascular disease or suspected acute cardiovascular health problems, Vascular Surgery patients and Cardiothoracic surgery patients.

The PCU is structured to provide nursing support to a variety of patients cared for in the inpatient setting at Naval Hospital Portsmouth. Of the patients seen in PCU, high risk/low volume patients include, post-op cardiovascular patients, post-op vascular patients, Telemetry, suspected Acute Coronary Syndromes, Diabetes Mellitus, Warfarin, seizure disorders, CHF, Cardiac arrhythmias, hypertensive urgency and or, patients requiring increase in patient monitoring.

The PCU is located on the third floor of the Charette Health Care Center. It consists of 12 semi-private rooms, two (2) private rooms and one (1) isolation room.

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(757) 953-3562


Charette Health Care Center
Building 2, 3rd Floor, Unit 3B

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Around the clock
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

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