The History of Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, Is the Oldest Continuously Running Hospital in the Navy. 4,300 Officers, Sailors and Civilians Work in Locations from Yorktown to Chesapeake to Deliver Health Care to the 420,000 Active Duty Members, family members and retirees living in Hampton Roads. These men and women carry on a tradition of caring and service to their country that dates back to Revolutionary Times. The Site of this ceremony is the approximate site of the Circa-1776 Fort Nelson. Built in the mid-1770's as a colonial defense, the Fort was captured on May 9, 1779 by British Naval Commander Sir George Collier, who describes the battle for us:

"It was agreed between the Commodore and the General, that a joint attack upon the Fort, by sea and land, should be made early in the morning; . . . To batter it from the river, and the troops to storm it at the same time. The troops soon took possession of the rebels' works, which were found of astonishing strength towards the river; The parapet was fourteen feet high and fifteen feet thick, surrounded with strong timber . . . The town of Portsmouth, within half a mile of the Fort, was taken possession of at the same time."