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The Navy's newest medical center opened at Portsmouth in the Spring of 1999. Situated at the confluence of the Elizabeth River, the hospital complex offers stunning technological advancements and the latest comforts for both patients and staff. Some examples include digital radiography, MRI, spiral CT scanners, a laser center, a pediatric intensive care unit, digitally-linked conference rooms, high-resolution tele-medicine, a food court, plush call rooms, and an ED observation unit. It's high ceilings, skylights, fashionable artistry, and wide corridors have the feel of an upscale shopping mall. The birthing rooms not only have cable television, hidden medical panels, and recliners, but also have beds for the fathers. At just over one million square feet, the facility contains the largest and most comprehensive Simulation Center in all of Navy Medicine. With over 50 medical simulators, from the basic IV training arm to the latest in 3-dimentional virtual simulation, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth’s Simulation Center is on the cutting edge of Medical Modeling and Simulation and is sure to enhance the medical students training and experience.

Medical education has always been a priority at Portsmouth. The staff at Portsmouth draw upon their global operational background gained from serving the Fleet to enhance the traditional internship curriculum. The diversity of their collective experiences is a strength of the educational program. The teaching reflects the need for real-world solutions to the problems encountered. The physicians at Portsmouth have an active interest in medical research and have been extensively published in major medical journals.

The Sailors at the world’s largest naval base and military members of the nearby Army and Air Force bases, along with their families and our largest retired population, guarantee a rich, busy, and educational experience with hands-on, real-life slant. If you want to do it instead of watch it, come to Portsmouth.


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