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BE: Be Resolute!

You have made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now the literal countdown is on for a brand New Year! January 1st also rings in one of the most popular resolutions- a healthier, happier, you. Unfortunately, according to research, most don't make it to February successful with their resolution. The good news is -this does not have to be you! Combine a little sweat (no tears) and effort, with the resources from Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD), and you will achieve those long-strived-for goals in no time.

Let’s delve into those traditional resolutions and see if we can make this as easy as pie (did someone say pie?):

“I want to lose weight.”

Whether it’s five pounds or 50 pounds, a weight-loss resolution has always been a fan favorite. Be mindful that crash diets and two-a-day workouts will likely leave you feeling burnt out. Here are few tips from top researchers to keep you on track:

  • Aim to lose one to two pounds per week for healthy and sustainable weight loss.
  • Achieve at least 150 cumulative minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.

Check out the FREE Facilities and Classes available to all active duty, reservists, retirees, dependents, and DoD civilians. Consult with your physician before starting a weight-loss program.

“I want to stress less.”

Don’t we all? Symptoms of stress come in many forms and can happen to anyone at any time. Tackle this resolution with solutions in mind so you can handle whatever life throws your way!

  • Get active. Becoming more active can help you release feel good hormones that combat your body’s stress response.
  • Start a wellness routine. Commit to five days of eating healthy, exercising often, and getting good rest. You’ll feel great and it will feel even better to continue your wellness efforts!
  • Avoid drinking or taking recreational drugs. While some people feel this may boost your mood, it can have the opposite effect in the long run.
  • Nurture or build new relationships to ensure you are not isolating yourself.

The resources are endless and right at the tip of your fingers (quite literally). Check out Awesome Techniques you can try from behind your desk!

“I want to eat better.”

Between October and December, there are four holidays that give us the excuse to eat whatever we want and, “start my diet in the new year”. When practicing a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods or guilty pleasures - moderation is key to success!

  • Take the temptation out of grabbing unhealthy foods on the go by prepping your meals and snacks at the beginning of the week.
  • Create small serving-sized bags if you need to satiate that “eat to the bottom” feeling.
  • Instead of filling up a large plate with your dinner, opt for a smaller plate, it gives you the illusion you are eating more.
  • And whenever possible, consume vegetables and make your grains whole wheat!

Check out the ‘EAT’ tab for healthy recipes, cooking classes, and more!

“I want to quit smoking.”

You have heard the statistics, and they are not good. You are finally ready to quit and with good reason, and the positive health benefits are nearly immediate.

  • Create a list of reasons to quit and pull it out when you are feeling tempted.
  • Check out the tobacco cessation support groups and classes at NMCSD Website
  • Talk to your physician about prescribed medications and over-the-counter recommendations to jump-start your success.
  • Pick a start date and stick to it!

2016 is your year! Bringing a sense of mindfulness to your resolutions will help you achieve them. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of the classes and resources to get you there. We hope you have a happy, safe, and fun New Years!