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BE: Keep Your Head Up

There’s a lot to love about modern technology and our wired world—from staying connected with family members thousands of miles away to finding the nearest coffee shop on the go. But, aside from all that greatness, technology is also wreaking havoc on our posture, our outlook on life, and our relationships. Here are some reasons to put the cellphone down and look up.

  • Tech Neck!
  • Looking down at your phone adds an extra 60 pounds of weight stress onto your neck. This stress can lead to muscle tension, pain, and misalignment of the cervical spine.

  • Social Media Distorts Reality
  • Social media is not always a true reflection of reality. It’s human nature to share our successes and not want to talk about our mistakes. This holds true on social media. Most people share all the great things going on in their lives, and tend to skip the bad. Keep this in mind when scrolling through your “friends’” newsfeeds and feeling like your own life doesn’t measure up.

  • Enjoy the Moment
  • Social media is a time thief! You log into your favorite social media site and before you know it—poof—two hours are gone! Or, you get so focused on capturing pictures or videos of the moment that aren’t actually experiencing it. Don’t get so caught up in looking at your friends virtual lives or sharing your own that you forget to really savor the moments and the people that make life magical.

  • Social Media Can’t Buy Happiness
  • A recent study measuring the effect of social media on college students showed that those who used social media more were less satisfied with their life. Ever heard the saying, “less is more”? This is so true when it comes to social media!

    So, set aside some time every day to lift your head up, look away from your smartphone, and experience the wonderful and real world that surrounds you.