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BE: Sweet Dreams: 10 Tips to Sleep Well at Night

Looking to get a good night’s rest? Here are ten tips to help you sleep like a baby.

  • 1. Keep a Consistent Schedule
  • If you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, your body falls into a natural rhythm. Your body knows when its time for rising each morning and sleep each night. However when your sleep schedule changes, it confuses the body’s internal “clock.” We know it’s not always possible, but try and stay consistent.

  • 2. Avoid Daytime Naps
  • For some, mid-day power naps are a huge help. But, if you are unable to fall asleep at bedtime or sleep through the night, you may want to avoid napping. Instead, when you feel that 3p.m. slump, go for a short walk outside.

  • 3. Stay Hydrated During the Day
  • If you are thirsty at night or have the urge to urinate, it can wake you from sleep. To avoid these disruptions, ensure you hydrate fully during the day, then minimize water intake an hour or so before bed.

  • 4. Break a Sweat Daily
  • People who exercise during the day sleep better at night. Vigorous exercise is best; as it will tire you down to easily relax into restful sleep at night.

  • 5. Avoid Stimulants 6 Hours Before Bed
  • A late afternoon cup of coffee, evening tobacco or alcohol consumption may be the culprit for your insomnia or waking after sleeping. All three can disrupt sleep. We recommend limiting or avoiding these stimulates before bed.

  • 6. Avoid Eating and Exercising after 8 p.m.
  • Heavy meals or spicy foods may cause an upset stomach or acid reflux when consumed too close to bedtime. Allow a few hours before bed for your evening meal to digest properly before lying down.

  • 7. Wash and Brush at least 1 Hour Before Bed
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth at least one hour before bed rather than right before hitting the hay. Since this routine is also part of your morning ritual, it could signal your body that it’s time to rise and shine, rather than relax and restore.

  • 8. Set Your Bedroom Up for Sleep Earlier in the Evening
  • Turn down the lights in your bedroom and turn technology off at night to keep your circadian rhythms in check. Bright lights in the evening can confuse your body into thinking that it’s still daytime, and therefore not time to sleep.

  • 9. Keep the Bedroom a Place for R&R
  • Avoid doing anything but sleeping and sex in the bedroom. Keep work and television outside of your resting place to strengthen your body’s association of the bedroom as a place for sleep. Until you are tired, do all other activities in another room.

  • 10. Make a Gratitude List Before Bed
  • Write down three to five things that you are grateful for each night before bed. End your day on a good note and drift away peacefully into dreamland.

Sweet Dreams!