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DO: The 31-Day Challenge

Creating new habits and adopting a long-term healthy lifestyle begins with small daily steps. If you are looking for new ideas to jump-start your health in January, check out the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s 31- Day Challenge. Rather than focusing on health goals, like losing 20 pounds, it is more effective for long-term weight loss to focus on daily behaviors that impact overall health.

You can start the 31- Day Challenge on any day of the week; simply pick a date that works with your schedule. Print the calendar and post it somewhere you will check daily. The calendar is full of ideas to support your health, such as swapping out soda with water, a steps-per-day challenge with friends, and turning off technology thirty minutes before bedtime. Recruit a family member or friend to join you in the challenge, and then support one another with daily check-ins!

Learning new habits and having a healthy lifestyle is possible. Eating nutrient-rich food, being physically active, sleeping well, finding ways to reduce stress, and maintaining a positive mindset are critical to overall wellness. It takes time and persistence to make healthy habits a part of your everyday life. Start with one small change, get some support and make 2016 a year of good health.

Click HERE to download the 31-Day Challenge Calendar!