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EAT: Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Summer is here and, in Southern California, that means bikinis and board shorts. Six pack abs are always in style and are a great way to accessorize your newest swimwear or summer attire! You can do crunches till the cows come home, but you can’t exercise away a poor diet. The best way to trim your waistline is to add good eating habits to your daily routine. The following suggestions will help you not only reduce your waistline but also decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and many other health problems.

  • Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
  • Eating 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruit daily will keep your stomach full and “crowd out” foods that lack nutritional value. Fruits and veggies are not only lower in calories than your typical snack foods, they’ll also keep your body nourished with important vitamins and minerals.

  • Practice Portion Control
  • For any given meal, half of your plate should be covered in vegetables that are dressed in a healthy fat (like olive oil) and not butter. On the other half, choose a small portion of lean protein and whole grains.

    (Health hack: if you’re eating out, enjoy half of your meal at the restaurant and save the other half for lunch the next day, because restaurants typically provide two portions on one plate).

  • Go Au Naturale
  • Processed foods with refined grains, sugars, and artificial ingredients have almost no nutritional value and can cause your body to pack on the pounds. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grain items that have fewer than five ingredients and use natural sweeteners like honey or agave.

  • Break Your Fast
  • Don’t skip breakfast. By starting your day with a balanced meal, you turn your metabolism on and you’re less likely to be famished before lunchtime, leading you to potentially make an unhealthy food choice. It’s also easier on your digestive system to eat a larger breakfast and lunch, while choosing a smaller meal for dinner.

  • Skip the Bedtime Snack
  • Eating after 8 p.m. can make it harder for you to sleep restfully because your body will be busy digesting that late night snack. Also, late night eating and weight gain have been linked through research.