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LEARN: 8 Ways To Stay Headache-Free Naturally!

A headache can derail your day, but there’s natural ways to avoid and alleviate pain. Here are a few natural options for headache relief:

1. Essential Oils

By applying lavender, peppermint or basil oil topically to the wrists, temples and back of neck, the oil and aroma has been shown to help alleviate headaches for some people. Or, diffuse the oil by adding four drops of into boiling water and breath in the vapors.

2. Change your diet and remove trigger foods.

Keep a food journal and note foods that trigger a headache. Foods most commonly reported as the culprits are: dairy, chocolate, peanut butter, meats with nitrates or MSG, and some fruits. Everybody is unique so it’s important to identify what triggers your body specifically and limit the intake of those foods.

3. Scalp massage.

Massaging along the head and base of the skull can help to reduce headaches. It’s best if someone else administers the massage so that you can relax. Kindly ask your significant other or helpful child to rub your head and feel the tension leave your body!

4. Stretch your neck and your jaw.

Tightness in the neck and jaw muscles can lead to headaches. Stretch the muscles of your neck and jaw to avoid tension headaches related to stiff muscles in these areas.

5. Stay hydrated.

Research recommends 8 to 10 ounce glasses of water per day to stay hydrated which will help to prevent the onset of headaches. If you workout, drink coffee or energy drinks, increase your water intake until your urine is clear.

6. Keep a regular exercise routine.

Research has shown that aerobic exercise can reduce frequency of migraines because it is a natural vasodilator (it helps keep the veins in your head from constricting). Get your sweat on daily to keep your headaches at bay.

8. Slow down and breathe.

Incorporate a simple stress reduction practice into each day. It’s as simple as closing your eyes and taking ten slow breaths. As you do this, relax the parts of your body that feel stiff – this will help to relax tense muscle or relive stress that may be contributing to your headaches