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MOVE: The Key to Success? Working Out!

The best way to keep your job might be to leave your desk. That's right—the less time you spend sitting on your bottom, the better it is for your company’s bottom line.

In a study of successful entrepreneurs, those who worked out regularly also had companies that performed well. In fact, those who ran regularly were better at meeting their personal goals and their companies had better boosts in sales than those owned by non-runners. People who stuck to a strength-training regimen were also better at meeting their personal goals than people who didn't lift weights.

Researchers suspect that the lift in confidence and energy that people get from regular exercise may spill over into their careers, giving them an edge. Plus, getting into shape often means developing a mind-set that accepts and embraces hard work—a definite perk when it comes to either building a successful organization or moving one through tough times and beyond.

If your supervisor likes to see you in your chair and nowhere else, remind him or her that people who exercise have less anxiety, tension, and stress. And that means you can think more clearly when working on a difficult task and you’ll probably even be able to maintain your cool with a demanding client.

Ultimately, taking time to work out may actually help you get more done during the workday. When’s the best time to work out? Whenever you'll do it. Try setting your alarm 30 to 60 minutes earlier than usual and get moving first thing. Or, carve out time in the evening to work up a sweat—it might even help you get a better night’s rest!