Special Programs





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(Open only to Wounded, Ill, and Injured)

Leisure education enables the individual to 1) gain a broader understanding of where, why, how, and with whom he/she can pursue his/her leisure interests and experiences, and 2) learn more functional responses, such as developing different modes of leisure behavior that will enable the individual to adapt to the environment to meet free time needs. It also aims to connect patients to the community organizations that share comment interests as they transition to civilian life.

Canine Therapy

This six-week, community based program assists individuals reintegrate into their community using the medium of canine therapy. Each session exposes participants to a different location in the community with the assistance of therapy dogs. This program is geared for service members recovering from trauma.

Healthy Cooking

In this “hands on” healthy cooking class, you’ll learn to prepare a healthy meal using a variety of recipes that are easy and inexpensive to prepare. Best of all, you get to eat what you cook at the end of class!


The hiking program provides an opportunity to hike or navigate different types of terrain, using adaptive devices such as prosthesis and/or trekking poles.

Outrigger Canoe/Standup Paddleboard

Strengthen your core, increase upper and lower extremity strength, and enhance vestibular training all while enjoying a day on the bay.

Salsa Dance Clinic

Get moving as a dance instructor teaches salsa moves while helping the group focus on socialization skills, gentle physical contact, body awareness, coordination, and progressive memory skills — all of which are crucial to the recovery and healing work of PTSD and TBI injuries. The class offers opportunities for trips to off base dance clubs and performances.

Surf Clinic

Learn how surfing can be a tool for therapy. Surfing strengthens all muscle groups, improves endurance, increases balance and stability, and integrates participants to the community. Participating in the California surfing community can help rediscover the joy of life.

Warrior Golf

Participants can learn or reconnect with golf and gain socialization skills necessary to successfully participate in community based-activities while having fun on the green.​