naval branch health clinic,‚Äč Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) (Dental)

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"your health is our mission!"

The Branch Dental Clinic San Diego is the largest of the branch dental clinics which constitute Naval Dental Center Southwest. It is comprised of the clinic at Naval Base San Diego, Branch Dental Annex Southwest Regional Maintenance Clinic. Our primary mission is to provide comprehensive dental services to the commands at Naval Base San Diego. Additionally, most of the command specialty consultants are assigned to the Naval Base clinic. As a result, we provide consultative services and specialty treatment to eligible beneficiaries from the entire southern California catchment area. Emergencies will be seen at any time during working hours. The primary objective of this treatment is to relieve discomfort and to stabilize the patient's condition. After emergency care, the patient may be referred the following day to the dental facility where they usually receive treatment or to a specialist.